About Us

POSIX is a wholly Swazi owned business comprising of qualified experts in various segments of the ICT industry. It is a well established internet services provider (ISP) , offering a wide range of professional services, designed to streamline, enhance and secure all of your Internet Communications related business functions.


The company was established in March 1999 and positions itself as an innovative solution provider in the ISP Technology business sector.


POSIX  has well informed expertise, and is geared to provide consistently high quality Internet solutions to meet each client’s needs. Our team is well involved and dedicated to the business and its customers.

POSIX is a member of the Swaziland ISP Association ( SISPA ) which means it is recognized and participates in the associations meetings and decisions.


The purpose of the association is to address the needs and challenges of ISP’s in Swaziland and to collectively and regularly meet with the local Telco and Regulatory Authority to discuss and address any challenges faced by local ISP’s and its customers.


Posix aims to add value to its clients’ operations by assisting each business to utilise Information Technology to operate more efficiently.

Posix provides services to Government, SME’s, Large Corporates and home users. The Company is currently developing new services for the consumer sector in order to grow that market.


  Get the best Professional and Expert Support for your Internet Services